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A Freight-ening Experience (Updated)

By Toast23-10-2013

What's spookier than being stuck in a freight yard on Halloween? Being stuck in a freight yard filled with mutated Zeds, that's what! If you're going to be playing Killing Floor this Halloween, you better have some clean underwear on, plus, you might want to grab some new gear to fight off the incoming horde. The updated list of achievements on Steam reveal (scroll to the bottom) that the new map is called Freight Yard, where you'll be able to play the normal Killing Floor and Objective based variants of the game. Oh right, the new gear, you'll get access to some new weaponry including Seeker 6, Seal Squeal Harpoon (anyone wants to go fishing?), and apparently Bile (Bloat Bile in a jar?).

There's probably more to this than meets the eye but of course this update hasn't even been officially announced yet. However, even though there is no date for the update to be patched into the game, expect it sometime next week at the latest.

Update: We just got confirmation from Tripwire themselves that the new DLC is coming soon. Keep an eye out on this space, we will inform you as soon as we hear more.

Update 2: Its official folks, not only have Tripwire officially released a trailer for the event, but you’ll actually be able to access it now if you own Killing Floor on Steam. Interesting highlights are the new weapons including the Zed Gun  v2.0, the new map (of course) and some new interesting features included in the map such as a gasoline gambling machine (that awards...petrol?), red doors for you to search, bile and fluids to collect, for something...and more. There’s also a brand new DLC character for you to get your hands on, called Regie The Rocker, who I assume loves to drink and rock, while killing Zeds? Who cares! Head on over to Steam and join in on the Halloween blood-filled festive now!

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They knew!

They're spying on you!

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Damn! I just deleted the game yesterday!!!