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A Foundation of Linux

By Toast05-12-2013

If you are a keen Steam user or know of the company called Valve behind it, you'll probably have caught word of their ambitious approach towards expanding their horizons and introducing the Linux based distro of SteamOS. Well, the next logical step is for Valve to join the Linux Foundation, oh wait, they just have. You can read up on it if you want, but basically it enables Valve to enter the Silver tier for Linux operating system based support which is likely costing them around $5k-$20k per year for membership.

With the upcoming launch of SteamOS along with beta testing for the actual Steam Machine systems, it is pretty exciting stuff. Especially since more developers are engaging to port over Linux versions of games, ranging from popular titles like Serious Sam 3, to more niche indie titles like Ironclad: Tactics. Hell, if it gets more developers and publishers to stand by and support portability like this, we could see some real progress shifting towards a preferred platform. We'll just have to see in the meantime, we'll be sure to hear more about the Steam Machines and SteamOS, early next year, 2014.


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