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A Far Cry from the Himalayas

By Toast21-03-2014

What’s that you hear? A faint cry in the distance? Far Cry 4? I don’t think so, that wouldn’t make sense yet after Far Cry 3, it’s too soon! Actually, it’s not, as we knew a fourth instalment was coming after the success of the third, but it’ll still be a far cry away from release.  The confirmation has come from Eurogamer and it turns out that the previously reported setting was true. Also ridable elephants are on the cards, or mountains rather.

It’s expected that the gameplay will remain roughly the same, along with outposts for you to liberate again, and the actual map will have the same sort of structure, supposedly, but perhaps with multiple environments to traverse through. At the moment, we can only speculate beyond this to include perhaps more emphasis on hunting the exotic animals that roam this territory. One thing we’re certain to expect is that it’ll be arriving on PC at some point in 2015. It’s likely to be shown off at Ubisoft’s 2014 E3 conference alongside The Crew and Assassins Creed Unity.


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