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A Diesel Storm

By Caraline_Nelson03-05-2014

Black Forest Games, the people who gave us the Giana Sisters will not, in fact, be giving us Ravensdale. Kinda.

Instead, we'll be getting DieselStörmers, a fast-paced cooperative adventure game with guns and goblins that takes place in the city of Ravensdale, a medieval land filled to the brim with machinery.  Its inhabitants are desperately trying to get rid of an orc invasion. However, they won’t be able to do it without your support on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter provides us with a look at lots of concept art, which has changed just as much as the name of the game when we last looked at it in April. They also included a prototype where we’ll be able to create our own weapons with pieces and parts we gather. There’ll also be plenty of fire and goop to go around. Plus they are considering adding mounts to the game since supporters have suggested it.

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