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A Diddy Little Didi Trailer

By Bobfish15-08-2013

First it was a cryptic reveal trailer, which showed much but actually revealed very little. Then there were some equally cryptic, and equally gorgeous, screenshots. Now we finally have something solid. Meet Didi, the heroine...I think, of Contrast. Well, okay, we do know something about it. It's in the 20s, it's about a little girl Didi (who we now know misses her Daddy) and her 'imaginary' friend Dawn, who can control or...in some way interact with shadows as though physical objects.

Basically, Focus are really milking the mystique of this one for all it is worth, and doing a masterful job of it too. The art style is utterly incredible. The motif of contrasting both light and dark, and strong colours, is perfectly suited the setting and is clearly carried through in the narrative too. Check out the trailer, above, and see for yourself. Didi is a beautiful little girl who has suffered far more than any child has right to. And I, for one, am like a greyhound in the slip, pausing at the start in eager anticipation.

The game, my friends, is afoot.

"Contrast will be playable @Gamescom Cologne in Germany,August 21-25, at Focus Home Interactive's booth (Hall 4.2, #A-23a) or on Koch Media's booth (Hall 9.1, #B-011). Journalists and visitors will be able to take the role of Dawn for some exciting minutes of gameplay!

A playable demo of CONTRAST will also appear at PAX Prime in booth #685. Journalists at PAX Prime are invited to set a private appointment with the team to see a new press demo highlighting features not shown at E3 or GamesCom with opportunities to interview various members of the team."

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