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A Devastating Blow From my Childhood

By Bobfish11-07-2015

Move over Michael Bay, the real Transformers are coming out to play. Yes that rhyme was intentional. Because we're going right back to the beginning for Transformers: Devastation. Featuring characters from no less than four generations (I was there dude, there were at least seven distinct generations in the 80s) of the original run, including, as the name suggests, the mighty Devastator. And not the one with the wrecking ball testicles.

With five playable characters (all Autobots sadly) and someone finally remembering Optimus Prime has an axe, this shows more potential than...just about any Transformers game before it. Though it does what most of them do, by having hordes of copy/pasta enemies to beat down, then saving major characters for boss fights. But it has also brought back both Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to reprise their roles and it's cel shaded dude.

In short, dis gon be gud!

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