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A Decade On, Doom “Has to Prove Itself all Over Again”

By zethalee08-07-2014

Speaking to gaming mag MCV, Bethesda's Pete Hines compared the legendary series to Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was brought to today's gaming market via an extremely well-done reboot. Previously, Doom had been announced to be revealed at QuakeCon, with this iteration itself having been remade at least once along the way. In the article, Hines writes:

"The last couple of games were either 'ok' or 'not great'. It wasn't a franchise where people were desperate for the next one. Wolfenstein isn't Uncharted. We knew this would take some explaining. But developer Machine Games has now untarnished the IP. We view that similarly to Wolfenstein, because it's been so long since the last Doom game. We are going in as if we need to prove ourselves all over again. We have no free passes. Nobody will assume this is going to be awesome. We are going to have to prove that this is something that's going to be fun and different that you need to pay attention to. That has to be our default position, we can't be: 'It's Doom, of course you're going to play it'. But that just makes us work harder."

Coming alongside other news that other franchises, such as Rainbow Six and Unreal Tournament are being developed from the ground-up, fans of the series, and those that simply remember just how revolutionary the original title was will welcome this with open arms. With QuakeCon just nine days away, it will be seen just how well the series has been improved since 2004, and just what it means for the future.


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