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A Deadly Samther on the Prowl

By Bobfish24-07-2013

Yet another trailer for Blacklist has come slinking out of the bowels of the Ubisoft office orifices. Offifices? Totally now a werd! This one serves as a rehash/showcase of the trio of playstyles placed on the table in the newest outing. Wait...tri lens goggles...tri-style gameplay...

Ahhhh! I see what you did there!

Tricksy little Hobbitses aren't they?

Anyway. For those still unfamiliar with the controversial direction change the Splinter Cell series has undergone in recent iterations. Perhaps you spent the last three years on sabbatical in Tibet, or you were training with NASA for the first manned flight to Mars, or maybe you're recovering for a hemispherectomy (had half of your brain cut out) have a gander at the video above and, like everyone else, throw in with the "ZOMG! This SUXXORS" or "that actually looks pretty darned nifty" crowd and fire away in the comments below.

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