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A Darker Sanctum Awaits

By Toast07-09-2013

Coffee Stain's latest piece of DLC for Sanctum 2 is set to be a very grim and dark version of the world of Sanctum, the other evil and dark side that is, and the below screenshots certainly prove to be the case. Not only will you be covering new dark ground, you'll be getting access to at least 2 new towers which are revealed to be called the Makeshift Cannon and the Rupture Mine. The 2 additional weapons to your arsenal will include the Circle Saw (Why not a square or triangle saw?), and the Nailgun, which I hope you'll get to nail a few of the incoming hordes against the tower walls you build!

When can you expect this DLC to hit? Well it became available on Valve's Steam Store on Friday, or for short, yesterday.

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