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A Damn Fine Kickstarter

By Bobfish28-03-2013

"From Double Fine Productions and 90,000 of their closest friends."

A teaser trailer or the upcoming Broken Age, previously known as the Double Fine Adventure, has popped up almost out of nowhere. A crowd funded point and click adventure which already boasts some incredible sound and visual design.

I'm not entirely sure what I just watched, but I know that I definitely want to see more of it. As best as I can figure out it has something to do with the idle musings of a young man and woman as they rest. Perhaps an exploration of their dreams? That's a stab in the dark based solely on, well, a stab in the dark. How the two tales will tie together, that of a young woman fighting back against being sacrificed to a monster, and the boy wanting to break free from his solitary life...that still remains to be seen. Perhaps through their dreams? I can't shake the feeling that's somehow going to be a factor. We'll know more, I'm certain, in the not too distant future, and when we know more, you will know more. Because we'll tell you. Until then, drift own down to our comments section and let's see if we can figure just what the bloomin' 'eck it all means.

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I want more. And I mean right now

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That looks amazing!!