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A Contrasting URL

By Bobfish27-09-2013

Compulsion's shadow shenanigans simulator (ooh, alliteration) is now reporting a new website, coupled with some new images that actually have quite a lot to say for themselves. Now, the website is...a website. A very pretty website, but still just a website all the same. Expect to see new information turning up there as time goes by, then rapidly mentioned here as I gush all over the place at the tiniest tidbits of possible revelations.

Now, the screenshots, that's a different story. The third (see above) and fourth strike me as the most interesting. It seems the interplay between light and dark will be more than a static series of interactions and solving puzzles to turn on light switches. Previous video footage already showed that some shadows would have to be created manually, but now we see that Didi will play an active roll in their creation, via lamps and the like. She also appears to be hiding in the last image, which suggests the possibility of  stealthesque mechanics. Both of which could be exceedingly interesting.

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Posts: 3290

She's around the right age too. Wouldn't surprise me if there was so not so subtle influence from Carroll akshully. Via the Brothers Grimm and Dahl for good measure

Posts: 297

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason, probably because the girl looks somewhat similar.