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A Contrast in Pictures

By Bobfish01-07-2013

It seems that Focus Home Interactive have found their niche in the video game world, a niche as champion of the underdogs. Promoting the more artistic (read: pretentious) studios looking to make their name. And Compulsion, with the upcoming Contrast, are no exception to that. Much like earlier Focus offerings of the year, such as the (in my opinion) flawed masterpiece War Logs and the mutant offspring of HP Lovercraft and GladOS, Magrunner, Contrast will be another game that will create a degree of polarisation amongst gamers.

On the one hand, it has a striking visual style, one which not only enhances but is an integral part of the game's setting. A stark contrast (pun intended) between the colour and glitz and glam of the roaring twenties, overlayed atop the grim, oppression of the dark shadows of the other realm...whatever that realm may be. Regardless of your ultimate opinion of the game, what remains clear is that it will stand out. Take a look at the gallery of new images below and tell us, which side of the coin do you fall on? Artistic genius, pretentious tosh, or both?

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