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A Contract For The Contractor

By Bobfish02-04-2013

Contract Work is a Cyberpunk 2D action platformer brought to our attention by the developer himself, Kee-Won Hong, an obviously extremely dedicated young man based in Illinois. No points for guessing where he got his inspirations from (he out and out tells you in the Kickstarter video) for this little gem. The simplicity of the design is, well, surprisingly simple and elegant, and we have the opportunity to add our own little touches within the game itself. Higher funding tiers offer rewards from being credited both in game and on the official website, to having yourself actually appear in game! Those are some pretty lofty rewards right there, at extremely reasonable prices no less. This is exactly what Kickstarter was made for. Check it out and let's help Kee-Won make his dream a reality.

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You know. I'm highly tempted to sponsor this one myself