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A Bright Future for Child of Light

By Caraline_Nelson28-04-2014

As Child of Light approaches its release on April 30th, further glimpses of its creation spark even more excitement in those who have been following its progression all along. For those who haven’t been following its development, a look at the game is certainly called for. 

As you look at this video it’s important to note a few things that weren’t just outright stated. First, the game’s music is performed by an orchestra. Not only does the art reflect a watercolor painting but special attention was given to lighting, shading, and even silhouettes. The rhymes used to tell the story make it engaging in a way a good storybook does. 

Aurora, the young girl they created, is an iconic character. Her bright red, flowing hair moves about as her tiny wings flutter her off the ground and into the sky. The large yet beautiful crown she wears is reminiscent of something a child might pull out of a dress up box when playing pretend, and while it somehow stays balanced atop her head it always looks like it’s about to fall off. 

Much like the inability to put down a book because you want to know what happens on the next page, I can see myself not wanting to put down the game because I want to hear the next stanza of the ballad. I want to see the story of Aurora unfold.

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This does look good.