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9 Minutes of Space Breathing Sim Adrift

By zethalee18-03-2015

Of course, that's not all. Though the game does look quite gorgeous, and there's a lot of wandering around, collecting space audio logs and drinking the sweet nectar of space oxygen tanks, IGN also scrounged up some information about the game, and more about what you'll be doing.

First and foremost, the game is estimated to be about four hours, and it'll be somewhere within the 20-30 dollar price range. Confirmed platforms are PC and PS4, and it'll be out sometime this summer, though that can be rather nebulous, considering your personal definition of "summer." No matter the release date however, the game will be released worldwide at about the same time, distribution cycles permitting.

Above all else, the game is one of many that Three One Zero plans on producing, all of which are said to be "first person experiences," as opposed to a first-person shooter, or something similar. Indeed, the head of the studio, Adam Orth, said the game spawned out of his split with Microsoft during the community upheaval that the Xbox One's DRM caused, and that, in addition to his history with the Medal of Honor series, pushed him to to create Adrift. As I'm personally excited for the title, we'll have more news as the summer months approach.

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