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8 Bitble

By Bobfish05-04-2015

So, this is a thing. Ever wanted to check out the bible, but its lack of modern presentation turns you off? I mean, reading right, who needs that? Well, this could be the Kickstarter for you. You see, David Pat has decided, what it really needs, is some good old 8 bit graphics. But in comic-book form.

Now, full disclosure here, I'm not a Christian. In fact, I'm arguably atheist, though it's not quite that straight forward. However, I did attend a Roman Catholic high school, and the teacher I was closest to was one of the most devoutly religious people I've ever met. He was also a very knoweldgable physicist and astronomer. As well as teaching me, eventually, a deep respect for observations of the natural world, he also introduced me to the good that religion can do. Regardless of whether I happen to agree with his faith or not. So, all joking aside, this is a genuinely intriguing idea. And one, I must admit, I can get behind.

So go check it out guys. And remind yourself what religion is really all about, rather than the extremism we so often see reported in the news.


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