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8.5 Million In Sales for The Walking Dead

By Leigh Cobb07-01-2013

Telltale's adventure game success, The Walking Dead, was certainly met with praise from game critics and players alike (including a 5/5 score for Episode 5 here on Pixel Judge). But it's not just GOTY awards and other such accolades which it's received, how about 8.5 Million in sales?

Wall Street Journal spoke with Telltale CEO Dan Connors, when he revealed this massive figure. That's 8.5 Million episodes sold across the PC, iOS and consoles since release. With more than $40 Million made, this has certainly proved to be a big success for Telltale. It deserves it as well, for an adventure game by a smaller studio to succeed like this is quite remarkable, good for Telltale!

Between this news and Telltale's recent interview with RedBull, where the possibility of carrying across save files to a possible Season 2 of The Walking Dead is mentioned, Telltale seem to have worked out a winning formula. Now I just need to play it through, soon...

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Posts: 1548

Good for them. Hope that helps them create more good games.

Posts: 67

Completely deserved, the game is a gem. I hope some developers look at Telltales' success and realize that the industry isn't just hungry for shooters and high octane action. Games like Heavy Rain, Journey and others haven proven that, but not with these sales numbers. Since some publishers are obsessed with the benjamins, let's see if these numbers have any effect on them.