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6 Million Hitmen Get New Contracts

By CameronW10-01-2014

I think the planets aligned with shiny bald head over the past week or so because I was suddenly stricken with the urge to play the hell out of Hitman: Absolution right as it was revealed by Square Enix that there was in fact another AAA Hitman game in the works by IO Interactive. Not only that but they came out and revealed that over 6 million people have played Hitman: Absolution and they want to celebrate by dishing out some free content a whopping 14 months after release.

Free stuff is fun. I'm down for free stuff. There're 3 new contracts for people to get their hands on, but each of them is exclusive to a console (or PC...). Xbox players get to murder some dudes in a doughnut shop, PS3 players have to deal with an Ice Cream Man that ironically deals in fire, and the glorious PC gets a Haunted House.

It better have that ghost from Blood Money in it, I’m still scared.

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A terrible Hitman sequel, a broken stealth game, and a mediocre shooter.