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By Bobfish03-07-2013

Vampires and 3D virtual reality headsets. What a curious mix. Not something you see mixed every day. Or...ever actually. So, Realmforge have decided to change that. Welcome to Dark on the Oculus Rift. Built from the ground up with native support, this could well also take the prize of being the first stealth action experience to take place in a fully immersive, virtual reality environment. It seems that every time it pops up from its slumber there's something new to reveal. You don't think...no, it couldn't be.

Check out the video linked above for all the nitty gritty. Along with something else, that is clearly a gimmick. Not happy to settle for the cutting edge of peripheral engagement, they're going old school. Seriously old school. Red and green glasses old school.

Ow, my eyes.

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Well this is.../interesting/.