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3D Realms Returns With Bombshell

By zethalee20-05-2014

After the catastrophic failure that Duke Nukem Forever turned out to be, many people logically assumed that 3D Realms were going to fade away for a while, especially following the lawsuit that chased the game's release. Earlier this year, however, they announced plans for another Duke game, even after selling the IP and rights to Gearbox, and Gearbox, rightfully so, sued for trademark infringement. That game, according to the Bombshell website, "might return, might not," though I'm betting that it won't be.

Regardless, the team over at 3D Realms does have something to show for the past few months. The president has apparently been kidnapped by aliens, and it is up to you, playing the role of one Shelly Harrison, a ass-kicking loving, bubblegum-hating former soldier with an appetite for adrenaline. The video linked above, which has some very clearly early animations in place, doesn't have much, aside from Shelly flexing her hand a fair amount, and watching television, also divided the community. Comments on the YouTube video were incredibly critical of the portrayal of Shelly, and how, for a former soldier, she seems to be forgoing a bit too much of her clothes.

As far as the game itself is concerned, it appears to be an action RPG with a slightly isometric perspective, which would represent quite the shift for 3D Realms. It is also aiming for an early 2015 release, but considering their track record for release dates, there's no telling if they'll make that deadline. With a lawsuit impending, it will be interesting to see how the development of Bombshell shapes up.

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By the time I have children and they are teenagers we will finally be able to play this game after another company has bought it in the unfinished state and rushed it out :P

Posts: 39

To be honest, this trailer was terribly unimpressive though. The screenshots on the website look much better, so I can't fathom why this was released.

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Balls of steel