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3D Realms Guns For a Crowdsourced FPS

By siegarettes26-09-2012

While it seemed apparent that 3D Realms closed down a while back, it seems that the studio is not quite dead yet. Via Gambitious, 3D Realms has emerged with a tease of a new game they hope to crowdfund, a first person shooter 'Earth No More'.

The upcoming projects page on Gambitious simply states: “Mankind’s relentless destruction of Earth awakens a biological response from deep within the planet’s crust that threatens an environmental apocalypse.” Beyond that not much has been revealed about the project, aside that it seems to be a project originally scheduled to be released in 2009, but stopped production due to financial reasons.

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Interesting. I was getting a Resistance (Playstation 3) vibe from those pieces of concept art. Not a bad thing!