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38 Delays

By acharris7708-11-2013

The court-appointed lawyer for 38 Studios, Richard Land, said he would ask a Rhode Island Superior court judge for a delay on the defunct studio intellectual properties auction. The auction, which was due to start 14th November, was going to include the MMO, Project Copernicus, which was in development before the closure.

Also up for grabs are the sequel and merchandise rights and revenue for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Land said that the interest in the auction was "greater than expected" from prospective bidders. This leads to the request for the delay to the auction for "a couple of weeks." This auction is also slated to include Big Huge Games properties, Rise of Nations. There are quite a few great titles up for grabs, and if the right companies get hold of them, then we could get some great new titles. Let us know your thoughts.

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