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30 Minutes of Nazi Occupation

By Toast22-04-2014

With just a month away from the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, we’ve only seen little clips of gameplay here and there, and even a few scary situational scenes. That is, until now. MachineGames and Bethesda have been nice enough to show us 30 minutes worth of gameplay, streamed live on Twitch over the weekend.

It actually shows off some new stuff we haven’t seen yet, including the use and unlocking of perks, the option of sneaking around and performing stealth or environmental kills,  and showing off selective few arms that we’ll be wielding against the mechanised Nazi regime and their killer robots. Give the 30 minute video a watch, it’s highly recommended as there is clearly some thought put behind the game with not completely linear areas, and a health system that requires you to pick up health and armour, just like in the other Wolfenstein games prior to Wolfenstein 2009.

Be warned however, soon they’ll be taking over our screens next month and we’ll have no choice but to submit and die, or fight the new order!

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AI still looks weak.