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30 Minutes of Glory For Rome (2)

By JcDent06-08-2013

Gameplay video, ahoy! Rome 2: Total War is coming out this September and will give us the chance to conquer the world as Rome - or some bunch of non-Latin speaking ragamuffins.

In this gameplay video we see a tutorial which will be presented before the main campaign. Well, the interface is ugly as all hell, with only units cards standing out somewhat. A lot seems simplified and as you add a build site to a city, you can see it expand almost instantaneously. This reeks of CivV!

Then again, the battles still seem to be quite hard and cavalry is still afraid of spearmen. On the other hand, it didn't look like the player needed to wait for reinforcements afterwards. Maybe that's just tutorial magic.

Also? Cultural and economical victories are also in the game, but it's still total war.

On the other hand, I still hold hope for confirmation of a rumour heard a long time ago that Creative was looking into tanks.

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