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30 FPS? 60? Pff, Killing Floor 2 says 200!

By MrJenssen17-03-2015

If you've heard of Killing Floor 2, then you likely already know that it's going to be quite the gory spectacle. That developer diary mentioned three pillars of the game's core. Bullets, blades and blood. The video took care of the blood, more than enough. But what about the blades and bullets? Well, here come the bullets. And the weapons that'll deliver them.

Because you see, while many will consider the original Killing Floor pure gun-porn, with satisfyingly powerful animations and meaty gunshot sound design, the term "status quo" seems to be unknown to indie dev Tripwire Interactive. According to the latest developer diary - the video embedded above for your leisure - they've gone above and beyond in animating weapons realistically.

"At 30 frames per second, which is what weapons are normally animated at, shooting animations didn't look as good as what we wanted them to. So we developed a system we call High Framerate Animations. What that means is, typically at 30 frames per second, when you're firing a really fast-firing weapon, you might only get a couple of frames of animation. You really can't represent nuance or smoothness with that."

So, why not up the ante? 60 FPS, you say? Hah, that's for peasants. Tripwire are animating their weapons at 200 frames per second, which will apparently look great both in real-time and when the action is slowed down in "Zed time".

Furthermore, the classes and perks systems have been beefed up significantly. To make each game start off a bit more exciting than in the first Killing Floor, each class now start off with a specialized weapon and grenade type, rather than everyone getting the boring old Beretta pistol. And while it would take weeks of grinding to level up a class to the highest tier, you now get 25 levels for each class, making the levelling process smoother and more rewarding. Every five levels, you get to pick a perk for that class. Most of them, you have probably seen in other multiplayer shooters already, but these seem to have been taken to the next level. For instance, the "Tactical reload" perk doesn't just make you reload faster, it actually changes the reload animation to something a bit more professional-looking. This is Gun-porn: The Game we're talking about, after all.

Killing Floor 2 is set to release sometime this year, and according to a forum post by one of the devs, it'll go in Early Access sometime prior to the full release. They're making it clear though, that it won't be some overly buggy pre-alpha, but rather a polished, limited version of the game that gradually adds more content over time.

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I'm gonna be like these kids when it comes out

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Yeah I'm drooling over a lot of things in the video. In case you can't tell from my writing, that "perks don't just change stats but also the look/feel of things" is just SO awesome. It's the equivalent of finding a new piece of armor in a hack n slash game, that looks really unique. Stats are boring, I want my dude to LOOK cooler.

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Customer satisfaction ftw

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YES!! Skilltrees! It's like they read my comment that I wrote on here some months ago!

THANK YOU TRIPWIRE!! And them animations... beautiful!

So happy right now. This just made my evening :D

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Oh my dayumm

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Okay. Now you most certainly have my attention.

Yes indeed