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2K Fixes Hampered Borderlands 2 Version

By Leigh Cobb21-09-2012

Remember a few days back when we reported on Russian and other Eastern European gamers receiving a less than adequate version of Borderlands 2? Well 2K has been kind enough to resolve the situation.

In a post on the 2K forums, their Community Manager David responded on the situation with the following:

"2K Games and 1C Company have updated the PC versions of Borderlands 2 that are purchased from both retail locations and via digital distribution in Russia, the Baltic states, and CIS territories. Consumers in these countries will now receive a bundle that contains both the 1C Russian language version of Borderlands 2, as well as the 2K Games worldwide (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese) version of the game. This gives consumers in these countries the widest range of options to both choose their preferred language and play with their friends across the world.

Though the 1C and 2K versions do not support cross-version play, consumers can install both versions and have the option to play each. Additionally, Borderlands 2 Season Pass and DLC content purchased in these territories will contain this bundled format content. We thank customers for their feedback as we continue to work to provide the best products we can offer worldwide."

This was after a massive outcry on the Borderlands 2 forums themselves and Reddit, where a poster named 'K900_' first brought the issue to light.

It's good to see a speedy response from 2K, now CIS gamers can play the full version with the rest of the world, instead of being locked in with an inferior copy. With Borderlands 2 being one of the biggest releases this year, have you picked it up yet? I'm still waiting to get mine, and the rest of the PJ Staff aren't helping by PLAYING IT ALREADY WITHOUT ME. Soon, my pretty, soon.

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Posts: 1548

@NAG well now you get the best deal ;)

Posts: 267

The most tragicomic part was the offer for Baltic states - pay 50 Euros for locked Russian version.

Posts: 241

Just bought it! I could resist your taunts no longer.

Posts: 223

Ok, but once I've played borderlands 2 ;)

Posts: 241

Well well... screw you! :P

Posts: 223

I will be getting my grubby little mitts on it tonight. Got the deluxe vault hunters edition yesterday....just to add some salt to that wound Leigh