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20 Years of Doom

By Toast15-12-2013

Usually that would be an agonizing statement, but for today, it is a celebration for the actual Doom series, being officially 20 years young. Of course, many regard the original Doom to be one of the founding fathers of the modern style of FPS's, much like Wolfenstein 3D. However, we've seen Doom 2 which was also met with much anticipation and love like its previous predecessor, unfortunately Doom 3 was met with rather mixed to negative reactions from critics and fans for its direction away from hell(most of the time). However, it managed to see itself getting itself removed from Steam in favour of the latest BFG edition, but safely made its way back again after backlash from fans.

There's a lot of history with Doom for the countless mods for all 3 titles and expansions, but unfortunately we don't know what the current status is with Doom 4, even after its supposed restart of development. Well, if it ever does come out eventually, despite John Carmack making his exit late last month from Id, lets just hope it doesn't include some....'modernised and enhanced features'.

Oh well, Happy 20th Birthday Doom! Thanks for the memories Id Software!


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