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20 More Minutes of Hell to Play

By MrJenssen22-09-2014

The cooperative hack-n-slash RPG dungeon crawl killfest Hellraid is still set to have its Early Access launch in the fall. I don't know when fall begins where developer Techland has their base in Poland, but apparently not yet. Which kind of bums me out, because the gameplay footage embedded above is looking pretty sweet.

If you've paid attention to Hellraid, then there's not all that much new to get from the video. It's all the same weapons and enemies you've seen in previous footage for the most part, but at least we haven't seen this environment as extensively as in this video here. And though the game seems to play almost identical to Dead Island, what with the punching and blocking and dodging and kicking, it's still nice to have the devs explain how things work.

Beyond that, there isn't much new to write about. Now, if leaves could start falling off the trees in Poland already, that'd be great. Though we eventually will get Early Access to the game this fall, Hellraid's full release is currently set for early 2015. You know, if you're the kind of person who doesn't find it great fun to pay for games that are unfinished and potentially unplayable. Sigh, I wish I had that much integrity...

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