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2 Week Update Schedule For Guild Wars 2

By BloodyFanGirl28-06-2013

ArenaNet have announced their intentions to increase the frequency with which they update Guild Wars 2. Considering the current update schedule is once every 3 weeks already, increasing the frequency seems extremely ambitious. ArenaNet have now said that they want to release an update once every fortnight.

Speaking to Gamerzines, lead content designer Mike Zadorojny said, "It's a marathon not a sprint and we've been getting better with each of our releases, in terms of how we budget, how we plan it out, how we manage personnel etc. Now we have four full 'Living World' teams that are building these content updates, so that we can stagger releases and make sure that [developers] can decompress and get the quality time necessary to build a good design document before going back in and trying to implement it all over again."

One can understand ArenaNet's need to push for new content every other week as many reviewers have pointed out Guild Wars' lack of the sort of traditional MMO end-game phase that one would expect; Frequently added new content is bound to keep people playing and lessens the necessity of an end though.

Zadorojny added, "If we can push this, if we can add content every two weeks that is engaging to the players, then really it's almost like a TV show at that point. It's kind of stay tuned until next week for the thrilling conclusion of... That's where our goal is, and it's really fascinating when you have an entire studio dedicated to pulling off."

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