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1993 Game is Super Old and They Want You to Know about It

By CameronW22-01-2014

I know a thing or two about things that came into existence in 1993, I was one of them. 1993 Game was another one of them and I'll go ahead and spare any weird birth jokes in lieu of bringing up how weird it is that one of their advertising quotes for the game is "Not polished to fit today." The big thing about 1993 Game if you couldn't tell from the title is that the game was finished 21 years ago and probably sat on some now ancient hard-drive waiting to be released.

1993 Game has been posted to Greenlight and it...looks 21 years old. Is that a good thing? From the small amount of footage released it just looks like your typical side scrolling Gradius clone. I think I can call it a clone instead of a tribute since the game is over two decades old, right? Anywho; here's some information from the Greenlight page.

-12 Ships to choose from

-25 Different weapons

-3 Power levels for each of them

-5 Different worlds

-7 Bosses

- Designed for up to 4 simultaneous players on screen


"Towards the end of the interstellar wars, when chaos spread, one band of elite mercenaries acted more like pirates and looters than actual soldiers. The leader of this group was the notorious and infamous Colonel Nestor.

Without a doubt the biggest prize of their looting campaigns was the Spacemachine: a device designed to terraform barren planets and making them habitable. With this device, and the rest of their treasure, Nestor and his men started to build an army that now poses a great threat to the known star systems.

The latest in armory and advanced hardware has been assembled for your mission to infiltrate Nestor's domains and to locate and bring back the Spacemachine.

State of the art technology and your superior skills as an acclaimed combat pilot are what will determine the outcome of this conflict."

That story sounds pretty 1993 to me, I'm on board.

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