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18-Rated Games will be on Windows 8 Marketplace

By Leigh Cobb26-10-2012

We previously wrote about the news that Microsoft saw fit to not include 18 rated games or applications on its Windows 8 Marketplace. Now, however, they say that 18-Rated games will be available.

Microsoft have changed their stance and are now allowing mature and PEGI-18 games, except not just yet. The change will come into effect this year, but don't count on it before December, according to Antoine Leblond, Microsoft's Windows Corporate VP of of Web Services. He also made clear that 18 rated games will still be available on Steam and Origin in the meantime and that the world of the desktop and apps separate from Windows Marketplace was not going anywhere, he also said that "Valve can keep being Valve".

Considering the Windows 8 Marketplace is just another marketplace style option to compliment places like Steam or Origin, most of the fuss was over nothing. It is quite realistic that you can use Windows 8 just like Windows 7, except with the added benefit of Windows 8's improvements.


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