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17 Minutes of BF4 Campaign (Updated)

By NAG3LT27-03-2013

After all the small teasers and a few screenshots, we have finally got a good look at BF4 gameplay. The trailer shows singleplayer mission "Fishing in Baku" with a lot of scripted action sequences as well as some more open areas. It seems that Frostbite 3 does its graphical work well – game looks better than its predecessor. Also, it seems like there is a lot more destructive environments available than in BF3, with a lot of walls being destroyed by explosions. Overall gameplay in this mission doesn't seem to be very unique, compared to what we have seen in BF3 and COD singleplayer. Battlefield 4 is scheduled to release by the end of the year. All in all, while the footage looks very interesting, better to not get too excited and wait to see the multiplayer and how the whole game turns out.

Update: EA has already started accepting pre-orders for Battlefield 4 on Origin and it seems like EA is trying to overtake Activision in questionable pricing. On a "good" side, EA promises Premium for all pre-orders. On a flip side – beta access is now a "Deluxe Feature" and a standard game price on the continent is €60 (£45) with €70 (£55) for Deluxe, a price point only seen previously in Activision-Blizzard games.

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Posts: 351

I am sorry but I cannot wait for this game, mostly for the multiplayer.

Posts: 241

This looks so... boring. What's with companies still insisting on making these generic modern military shooter campaigns.

Posts: 1548

@Nag Might be, Just didn't feel too satisfying. Its hard to put a finger on it just from the video.

Posts: 267

Well, there was recoil. Did you miss interface hit marks from shots?

Posts: 1548

Is it just me or the shooting lacks "feedback"?

Posts: 596

The singleplayer of BF3 was so bad. I wonder if this will be better (it looked cool on video but turned out to be so bad)

Posts: 4

Looks freaking bad ass!