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15 Minutes of Wang

By Doubleplus24-06-2015

Sit down, relax and watch 15 minutes of swords, guns, one liners, and demons being chopped into pieces in this gameplay preview of Shadow Warrior 2. Yes, Shadow Warrior, the 2013 reboot of the 1997 DOS classic is getting a well-deserved remake. (A rather frustrated-sounding) Lo-Wang is back and bringing friends along for 4-player co-op demon killing goodness, along with a multitude of new weapons such as an Bow the fires exploding arrows, a minigun, wolverine claws as well as an array of new powers.

First off, if I may nitpick something real quick that really gets on my nerves and I really wish developers would stop doing. A clip is something that holds rounds together used to load a weapon's magazine. A Magazine is the spring-loaded device used to feed rounds into the firearm. STOP GETTING THE TWO MIXED UP. Maybe it's a bit out of line to nitpick the terminology in a game where the shotgun is reloaded by tossing shells into the air, spinning the shotgun around and having them land right in the chamber, but I stand by it. All in all, I'm just pleased to see that the movement speed actually seems pretty fast after seeing Doom 4's protagonist trundle along.

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