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13 Minutes of Truth

By acharris7715-02-2014

Well after so many delays, South Park: The Stick of Truth finally looks like it is going to be released on the date promised. Ubisoft have released a trailer showing the first 13 minutes of gameplay. You would be forgiven if at first you think you are watching an actual episode of South Park, as the animation is just that smooth,

The Stick of Truth does what it does best; taking the piss out of many gaming conventions and cliché. It is an RPG at heart, and the first comedy comes from the character class selection. Yes I know what you are thinking, that is nothing new to the genre, but has any game ever given you options of Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Jew? And after you select your class, it asks for your name. But the input doesn't work, so after you are done it asks: "Are you sure you want to be called Douchebag?" with no way to change it for the adventure. It is things like these that South Park does so brilliantly.

The in-game jokes don't stop there; you got the NPC's that are just hilarious. With one, who is aware of the repetition of the lines saying "Cartman says we can't deviate from the script?" Even the traditional turn-based system is the butt of a joke, as when in a battle you hear someone shout: "I'm gonna kick your ass, "but someone else says: "No, Dude, you got to wait your turn." Cartman then says: "That's how they used to fight in the olden days." And at the end of the fight, they run off crying, which is just hilarious.

I won't go into too much detail about the game, as otherwise it is going to be a never ending read. But one thing I want to share with you all is the special attacks of the Jew class. At the beginning, the first two specials are 'Sling of David' and 'Jew-Jitsu, which just sounds freaking hilarious. My only advice would be to just watch the video, as it looks like after all the delays; the game is well worth the wait. Let us know what your thoughts are after watching the video.

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Posts: 596

Going to pre-order this once I get my next paycheck in a week. Just haven't decided yet if I am going to pre-order for PC or for PS3

Posts: 1548

Haha now I really want it :D