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12 Minutes Of Paracel Island

By JcDent22-08-2013

Are your ready for more Battlefield 4 footage? The main feature of this gameplay video... unfortunately is the commentary by two guys who used to comment Junior League Baseball somewhere where stadiums didn't have electricity - but only after they got laid off from their used auto selling jobs. I'd tell you to watch in silence, but how else are you going to hear the recap of things that just happened a minute ago or people actually saying "levolution" without coughing up blood, or the guys mispronouncing "Tunguska". Quality job there!

Well, Battlefield 4 still has the grey filter (that's how you know that it's a serious game for serious gamers), but at least the map is big and varied! It kind of reminds of the one island map that BF 3 had, but it actually features a mainland start point for the Chinese. The Russians are using a carrier and everybody tries to shoot people by riding in those small boats. The plane interiors look strange and they do some suspiciously arcade manoeuvres, but I can't complain much other than that.

The storm that starts later in the match does look impressively angry while the ship based level evolution is fun to see in it's own right. I just wish I can be there when a stupid jet pilot will be taken out by the suddenly mobile destroyer wreck.

Can't wait to hear the renewed CoD-BF flamewars that will start this November!

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I just want this game so badly!

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Apparently, DICE don't know what the word "dynamic" actually means. It doesn't mean "explosive and expensive". It means, well, dynamic. That ship crashing into the shore is a SCRIPTED event, it crashes in the exact same place every time, in exactly the same way. How is that dynamic?

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Dear GODS those two are annoying!