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12 Minutes Of Gritty Gameplay

By MrJenssen16-08-2013

What happens when you combine the tropical open world and brutal combat of Dead Island with the free-running gameplay of Mirror's Edge, and add a dash of Dishonored's Stealth mechanics on top? You guessed it! If this 12-minute gameplay video actually is as in-game as the devs claim it to be, then that's exactly what we're in with Dying Light.

Though this gameplay looks rather pre-scripted, and even pre-rendered at times, it can't be denied that it also looks pretty damn fun. You'll get a good idea of the different aspects of the game. The combat is clearly inspired by Dead Island - it was made by the same developer, after all. The free-running does indeed seem to be inspired by Mirror's Edge, but it's taken even further here, allowing you to use zombies as springboards to help you get up on high ledges and rooftops. But that's during the day. As soon as darkness falls, the zombies become far more vicious, and you'll need to employ your stealth skills to move about and survive without getting spotted and horribly slaughtered.

Check out the video for yourself. Trust me, you'll want to.


Edit: And a version with a commentary below.

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It looks VERY good but I'm afraid it will end up with the same issues as Dead Island did. And this footage doesn't have anything to reassure a of a good PC version either.