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[your_character_name] On The Big Screen

By Kelevandos02-05-2013

Did you ever dream about appearing in television? Many of us did, and now it is possible, thanks to Defiance, the MMOFPS from Trion Worlds! After making wild promises about crossing the worlds of the TV series and the game, Trion finally moved into the direction. Technically, it is your character who can appear on the screen, but still. Here is what you need to do!

First, you will want to go here and register your account into the event. After that, log into the game and finish two Most Wanted pursuits, Competitor and Rogue's Gallery. That will make you eligible to take part in the competition. But how do you win it? The winner will be the player who, between 29th of April and 12th of May gets most ark salvage per hour of gametime. Also, the salvage earned through the salvage matrix does not count.

The whole idea seems interesting, especially the fact that the score is counted per game hour, making it achievable for the players who do not have time to grind throughout the two weeks' time. Still, I can quite much already guess that the winner will be someone to find a glitch or a legal exploit. If you asked me, I would rather see some fan art or quest idea contest for the next such thing, giving the opportunity to talented players who really like the game, rather to those who know how to play it to make the score grow.

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