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“The Scorchers” DLC Coming To Rage

By Merc01-12-2012

Rage may be getting some new DLC sometime before the end of the world. Reports from PS3Trophies.com state that there are new trophies being added for Rage, and some of the trophy names are suggestive of the new DLC. There is another trophy that suggests that there may be a new difficulty (Nightmare) added to the game as well. It was promised that mod tools would be available for Rage, but it can’t be judged by console Trophies and we will just have to wait and see.

It would be interesting to see what new ideas, if any, will be in The Scorchers. Would any of you come back to Rage because of the new DLC or mod tools? Let us know in the comments.


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@Nic hope to see some Rage screens from you :)

Posts: 7

Nice -- hopefully its somewhat substantial, but honestly I'd take any amount of new rage environment heh.

Oh, and looks like its "Ultra-Nightmare" Thats good though cause honestly even the reg nightmare was too easy for supposedly being, you know, "nightmare" and all heh.