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Steam Get's Stealthy With Mark of the Ninja!

By StuntmanLT24-09-2012

Remember us reporting rumours that Mark of the Ninja is coming to Steam? Well apparently it’s true, as today Kley Entertainments made an announcement through Rock Paper Shotgun. A stylised side scroller where you hack, chop, slash and stab your enemies from the shadows is coming out on 16th of October and will set you back $15...or 14.99 to be exact.

Lead designer Nels Anderson shed some light and calmed our worries that this won’t be just a straight up port and will not contain a trace of Games for Windows Live. He also added:

“I’m primarily a PC person myself, and I’m not okay in any way with this feeling like a shoddy port. It’s my intention that this is a full, proper version of the game in its own right.”

That calms my nerves and gets me even more excited. Are you excited for MotN or just think it will slip through the shadows? Leave a comment.

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Posts: 237

I say its safe to say, yes. (dont take my word on it tho...)

Posts: 1548

I wounder if it will be Steamworks then?

Posts: 237

I want it!!! :D What i have seen, its really good! It will not have GFWL either ( you would think it has, since its published by M$ on the X360). So all is fine! :D