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Resident Evil 6 Gets Steam Pre-Order Bonuses

By Vexytube15-02-2013

The not so successful Resident Evil 6 is not only being ported over onto the PC, but from the gameplay trailer it looks quite shiny. With 1 Month and 1 Week left before release. Capcom have decided to setup a pre-order bonuses that depends on how many of you guys pre-order the game. Currently we've unlocked the soundtrack and art book  however if everyone wants to join in, we can unlock a full copy of Resident Evil 5 and the last bonus is the full DLC season pass that gives free access to all 4 of the upcoming multiplayer DLC modes including: - Survivor - Predator - Onslaught - Siege.

So this means if a small amount of pre-orders get done then everyone gets the full game, Res5 and all the DLC's. Not bad, but as usual steam doesn’t say how many copies need to be pre-ordered to unlock said bonuses. 

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