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[Redacted]: Incognita

By BloodyFanGirl03-07-2013

The people behind Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment, have announced a new game called Incognita. The game is branded as a "turn-based tactical espionage" game.

And that's about all we know about the game right now. However there is an official website where you can sign up for further updates on the game and you can download some funky wall papers as well. There's also a link at the bottom right of the page that leads to...something in need of deciphering. What could it be?

Klei have a forum thread open so that people can "speculate, discuss and communicate with [Klei]" about the game. If your interest has been piqued by this announcement then I suggest you head on over there.

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Knowing Klei this will be great.

Posts: 1317

"Turn-based espionage" from the people who made Mark of The Ninja? Uh, YESH PLEEZ!