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Krillbite Wants You To Play The Plan

By Leigh Cobb16-02-2013

Krillbite Studio, developers of indie project Among the Sleep, has released a free side project onto the world, The Plan! Which, apparently, is set to explore issues of “death and meaning??"

The Plan is free, atmospheric and about five minutes long. You take control of a fly as it ascends through a forest into unknown intrigue and mystery. It's an indie game sure, featuring little of what we would usually term gameplay, but as a fun, free, side experiment, it is quite interesting. The short length of The Plan is summed up by a tagline on the developer's website, "Every word you read of this useless print is another second of your life." I guess as fly's don't live very long, you better make the best of that time given to you.

In terms of appearance, The Plan reminds me of Limbo, with a bit more colour and sound. Download it for free from its website, it may not be a traditional game, but it's a fun diversion nonetheless.

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