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Elder Scrolls Changing the MMORPG?

By ember03-07-2013

In a recent blog post, the Elder Scrolls team talked about the crux of any MMORPG: how one deals damage and actually plays the game. Generally this is done by a tank soaking up as much damage as possible, a DPS hitting for as much damage as possible, and a healer to make sure no one dies. Elder Scrolls will have this same "holy trinity" as it is called, which by the way so does every other MMO you'll find out there. One small change from the norm is that players will be able to specialize in different skills. One example is when your healer dies, it's possible that one of the other characters, possibly the tank, could also have some healing abilities. He/she would switch over to a staff and keep the team going.

But is this really enough to draw players in from an MMO that they're already paying a monthly subscription for? Bethesda/Zenimax have changed the standard for western RPGs, and RPGs in general. It's starting to look like they may be lacking with their MMORPG.

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