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Don't Rekoil Too Quickly From This FPS

By ember22-07-2013

Rekoil is basically an FPS game. There are many of them out there this one seems no different. The "Minutemen" are up against the big bad "Darkwater Inc." and are fighting to survive a pandemic that has exploded across the world. It focuses more on infantry based combat with various roles like the Assault class or Heavy Gunner class. Battles also take place in various places as well. Pretty standard FPS right?

There is one thing that sets them apart though. The developers actually openly encourage modding of their game. They want people with different likes and dislikes to be able to play the game however they choose. I've only seen support like this from Valve with Portal 2 as well as the Elder Scrolls games. Modding is an integral part of PC gaming and developers should recognize its importance.

For those interested in esports, Rekoil devs are making sure that the game will be balanced enough for e-sports. They want input from top tier teams and players so that Rekoil can be optimized for the scene. There will even be a spectator mode as well as the ability to replay matches implemented in the game.

Also included in the game:

10 maps on launch

Over 40 weapons

10 game types currently under development

5 customizable classes

Highly customizable server setups and gameplay

Dedicated servers & public server files

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