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"Aggressive" Banning of Planetside 2 Hackers

By Mokman05-12-2012

In a series of tweets ranging from last night to a few hours ago, Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley announced the current measures being undertaken to prevent hacking in Planetside 2, SOE's new massive, free-to-play online shooter.

"I want to make some very clear statements about hacking in Planetside 2. We are aggressively banning people. We play the game - we see the people using aim bots. We are banning them. We see people attempting other stuff. We are banning them."

Furthermore, he states clearly the company's intentions to continue battling against hackers in their game, stating:

"As they develop hacks, we will break the hacks. We have time and great people. Trust that this is a top priority. Hackers will not win."

No doubt this comes as a huge relief to current players of Planetside 2, especially in the face of it being a free-to-play game, as security is normally much more lax as compared to subscription-based/paid games.

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