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‘Digital Ira’ is now Available for Download

By NAG3LT14-05-2013

Remember  Nvidia's new bald head demo? While it is nice to see a demonstration on the video, real time demonstrations are best watched on your own powerful machine with some interactivity. A 'Digital Ira' demo is now available for download on Nvidia's website. The demo allows you to freely look at the model from all angles, close-ups and change a few parameters, like eye colour or dilation and the translucency of ears. Two speaking actions and some facial expression presets can be viewed in the demo. The demo requires GeForce graphics card with CUDA and DirectX 11 support though GTX 670 and higher are recommended. It is quite demanding, running at 24-30 FPS on GTX 670 at a 1920x1080 resolution. Looks like it will take a several GPU generations with big performance and memory increases before game devs will be able to put such level of character detail in cutscenes.


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