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£300K To Give You The Plague

By Leigh Cobb05-02-2013

Back on the 8th January, we told you about the announcement of Death Inc., a medieval strategy and management game. We promised you news of its Kickstarter launch, so here it is. Don't say Pixel Judge doesn't ever deliver. It wants £300,000 to unleash a plague on your PC.

Death Inc.'s Kickstarter is live, go check it out! The team at Ambient Studios wants £300,000 to develop the game, which is set in 1660's England. Your job is to guide the bubonic plague through merry little England as Grim T. Livingstone, freelance reaper. The more innocent masses you kill with disease, the more you can grow and manage your morbid business empire. This actually sounds like amazing fun.

"Death Inc. is not your typical strategy game. It's a unique mix of real-time strategy, god game and business sim, harking back to some of the classic Bullfrog games like Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper.

Simply paint your orders into the world and unleash your infected minions on serfs, wenches and noblemen. Every human that falls will join the ranks of your pestilential horde."

The Kickstarter page goes into a lot of detail and the presentation looks top notch. Ambient Studios also give some insight into gameplay mechanics and there are some pictures for you to view. I hope this particular fund drive succeeds, as the premise is unique it deserves at least a chance, what do you think?

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