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Goat Simulator Interview

By Bobfish02-04-2014

With the arrival of this epic exploration of the Human condition, told through the analogue of the most divine of all creatures the majestic goat. We pinned down Coffee Stain's own Armin Ibrisagic and grilled him for all the intimate details. Asking the questions that really matter, that we all need to know answer to. Are goats the heralds of the ultimate state of Nirvana? What is the true subtext behind this thought provoking, deeply crafted narrative and, of course, why ARE goats so damn stupid? Just beware the sheep. The sheep are jealous and will do everything in their power to slander the true message...of the goat.


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I wish you asked about them adding in a First Goat Person mode, oh and weapons, with attachments like ironsights and grenade launchers.