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2 Dawn Games Interview

By RubyStreams20-08-2012
NeonAnderson (editor)
Bobfish (editor)

Hello my friends, IAmRuby here. Last week I had a chance to chat with Community Manager for 2 Dawn Games, Carsten Boserup, about their upcoming online FPS - Ravaged. Ravaged is a post apocalyptic first person shooter, which is shaping up to be a great addition to the genre. The team over at 2 Dawn have already put their stamp on games like Battlefield and Frontlines. Read (or listen to) the interview to get the lowdown on Ravaged, Kickstarter, 2 Dawn and more...

Below you will find the written interview, along with a gameplay montage video version.


IAmRuby: For those unfamiliar with the game, Ravaged, could you give a bit of a history lesson behind the KickStarter project?

Carsten Boserup: The KickStarter is a website where people with a great idea, it doesn’t have to be an application or a piece of hardware, they can go to the KickStarter page and...it helps to ‘kickstart’ the project. Where people can pledge money and support the project. And in return give those guys get some kind of reward. In our case if they pledge $15 they can get a copy of the game and a tag on the forum. KickStarter was a great way to get the funding for, in this case, marketing.

Ruby: That sounds great! So, Ravaged is centred around two warring factions. What’s the story behind them and what sort of tone can we expect?

Carsten: The Resistance are the last remnants of civilisation (ex-military, ex-Police) the guys you would, probably, refer to as ‘the good guys’. They’ve got more modern weapons salvaged from military bases. Then we’ve got the Scavengers who are like hardened criminals, the ‘scum’ of the old civilisation. They are focused on taking everything for themselves and are fighting constantly with the Resistance, who are trying to build up some kind of civilisation again. The Scavengers just think about living for tomorrow. The Scavengers have more primitive weapons (still powerful) made of scrap metal and that kind of thing.

Poor Lady Liberty

Poor Lady Liberty

Ruby: Ravaged is an online only shooter, was there any thought of including a single player campaign, or was it always 2 Dawn’s vision to have a multiplayer focus?

Carsten: Since the core of 2 Dawn is from Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat these guys are hardcore multiplayer, so that’s where we want to aim, where we always wanted to aim. But we have been having requests for single player, like bots for offline, it’s something we’re looking into. But it’s going to require a lot, like AI, which is not easy to make, it takes a lot of time. We just have to see what happens down the road.

Ruby: Can you share with us what kind of content (maps, vehicles player count etc) the game will have?

Carsten: Eight maps on release, with different environments, some will be icy, some desert and some jungle. The whole thing is mostly around desert maps. We will have something like ten vehicles and we will support between 32 and 64 players. Right now we can’t promise 64 players so it will be up to the server admins. But 32 we should be able to guarantee. We’ll have two game modes. Capture the Resources (modified Capture the Flag): it may change, but right now you have one resource point on each team and flags that are gonna’ give you a tactical advantage (get closer to enemy resource and get more vehicles) then you can just drive back and forth stealing each others resource. But that’s something we’re still working on. The second game mode. Thrust: Conquest mode, but it’s more like a flag by flag system. You have to capture the first flag to be able to move on to the next in line. On some maps there can be more flags in one line, maybe you have to capture three flags in order to move on to the main base. There are different maps with different numbers of flags.

I always travel light...or heavily armed

I always travel light...or heavily armed

Ruby: So all of that will be available out of the box, do you have any plans to add more later?

Carsten: Yes! We’re gonna’ add a LOT of things. I can promise you that. Vehicles, maps, game modes, weapons, there’s basically no limit for what we can add to the game. We pledge ourselves to do six months FREE DLC via updates, maps, game modes, vehicles all of that. So that’s pretty cool.

Ruby: Free DLC for six months after the game is released is a very good thing to hear. You’ve played a lot of the game, you must have a prefered class, map, loadout, etc...

Carsten: I think my favourite is the Bodyguard on Scavengers. He’s got a crazy look to him and he’s the anti-vehicle role, he requires a lot of skill. He’s got a stinger for helicopters, RPG which is very hard to use because it has a drop after 25 metres, so longer shots you have to have skill and have practiced a lot. On Resistance it is Weapons Specialist, basically the same guy, with pretty much the same weapons.

Ruby: The FPS genre is constantly growing, what does Ravaged have that will makes it stand out?

Carsten: If you compare us to the big titles, where we stand out is our focus on the gameplay. Of course we want nice graphics, but the gameplay is our first priority. Our game is a fast paced shooter in an apocalyptic world, with awesome vehicles, cool sounds, and a focus on team play. The driver can’t control weapons so he’s relying on teammates, and they (gunners) cannot spin all the way around so there’s going to be a lot of teamplay. I haven’t seen it like that before. Another thing that stands out is 2 Dawn itself. We are listening to the community, we are very involved in the community. We have these playtests every week where we join up with the community on TeamSpeak so they can play with us and ask any questions they want. We’re already taking on ideas from them and have already implemented some.

Ruby: Will there be some sort of character progression or ranking system in place that you hope will keep players coming back for more?

Carsten: We will have a ranking system of some sort. At least we will have the leaderboards so people can fight to be number one. We aren't sure where we are going to take the unlocks part because in general we don't like the idea that just because you played for longer you get more powerful weapons than the guy who just started the game. So we want to figure out some kind of system for the progression. But we have some cool achievements. Achievements like the “Nut Shot”. You actually get a damage modifier if you shoot the enemy in the nuts.

Prepare for battle!

Prepare for battle!

Ruby: A lot of online games try to bring out the competitive side of its players. What sort of things do you have in place or planned for the future that encourage this? Like clan support or tournaments...

Carsten: Coming from a competitive background myself playing in Battlefield, competitive gaming is something I’m really passionate about and something that I sadly probably won't be able to go into high level again. So that is something that I personally am pushing in the game and hopefully it will build up some kind of esports scene and make ravage an esports title. We already have the spectator mode. Of course it still needs some polishing but we are still going to add a battle recorder, we are going to add squads to promote team play and social gaming. We have been in contact with big (esports) team leaders, having regular meetings with them, taking on feedback. So we are asking players who actually play competitively to help build Ravage as an esports title. They can basically say whatever they want and I’ll sit down and write everything down and then push it to the development team.

Ruby: Competition is healthy and can be very, very fun when it’s fair. How balanced are the vehicles and weapons and fo you have any anti cheat system in place?

Carsten: Right now weapons are pretty balanced. They have assault rifles on both sides. It's pretty much the same amount of damage. They probably react a bit differently but it's not like one side has overpowered weapons compared to the other. Of course vehicles and weapons need more tweaking but it's something we are getting closer and closer to. For anti cheat we have VAC and we are also going to use the Global Ban List. Another good thing about our game is that we have server side hit detection so it's going to make a bit more difficult for those aimbotters out there. But we aren't necessarily set for only VAC and Global Ban List. We might have something under our sleeves.

Well, I think that says it all

Well, I think that says it all

Ruby: I have to admit, the first time when I saw footage of Ravaged I thought "this looks a lot like Rage". But what if any were your influences?

Carsten: I wouldn't say we got a lot of inspiration from Rage. We are getting inspiration from almost everywhere. We are getting ideas from games, from movies, community is giving us a lot of ideas but if we had to pick one thing that gave us the most of inspiration it would definitely could be the movie “Mad Max”. It's a post apocalyptic world as well but you still got that sense of humor and crazyness. The cool looking vehicles that are just built together from scrap metal. So Mad Max is definitely our primary source of inspiration.

Ruby: Well I think that about does it. A huge huge thank you for your time answering these questions.

Carsten: My pleasure.

Ruby: Is there anything you would like to add? Do you have a release date?

Carsten: We are aiming at late August. We know about people’s concern with companies releasing a game that isn’t finished or ready for release but I promise you guy we aren't going to release a game if we think it isnt ready. So you don't have to worry about it.

Ruby: Thats great. Thank you once again Carsten for your time and keep checking to PixelJudge.com for more updates on Ravaged including a preview.

Carsten: Awesome!


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@Stunt I forgot about that mechanic, could have made good use of it when we had our Pixel Judge Community Throwdown!

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Looking forward to the beta. Just finish downloading the beta and cant wait to try it out.

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@Bobfish Yeah its a pretty fun mechanic. I did it a few times on the video :D

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Wait...is he giving the birdie?


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I seriously am loving this game, well, the beta :) can't wait to get my hands on the full release. Ewww "full release" sounds like what I will do when the game comes out ;)

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Good interview and the game looks great. 6 months of free DLC :D