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Rush Bros.

By Toast23-07-2013
Bis18marck70 (editor)
BloodyFanGirl (editor)
Rush Bros.

The Defence

XYLA Entertainment
Digital Tribe
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Quad Core 3.05 GHz
AMD A8 3.6 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 450
AMD equivalent
2 GB
1 GB

The Case


If you’ve been gaming for quite a long time, you’ll have encountered such things as high scores based on the time needed to complete a level. Rush Bros takes this to heart as you race against the clock, dodging obstacles, cutting corners and avoiding hazards with some nifty tunes controlling the tempo. But does Rush Bros, with its adrenalin pumped speed, actually deliver as a game or did it rush out of development too soon?

The Trial


To start off, the clue is in the name for what you have to do in this game – rush. However there are a few mechanics that you can take advantage of and use in the form of power-ups, which include increased speed and enabling double jumping. Although there are plenty of nasty environmental hazards to avoid along the way in each level that aim to kill or block you temporarily.

Certainly nothing bad could happen here, right?

Certainly nothing bad could happen here, right?

The deadly hazards consist of a number of different variations and includes static objects, such as spikes to moving objects that are triggered by the beat of the music that plays in the background simultaneously. The beat triggered hazard include sharp blade like shapes appearing up from the ground each beat to turrets that aim to shoot you with lasers and jump pads that throw you into spikes.

With different levels come different variations and you’re required to do different things to progress onwards; sometimes you’ll be required to activate a button by jumping on it or pushing a lever to open or trigger something, but there will be some levels that require keys to open colour coded doors.

To avoid some of the hazards and obstacles you have the option of doing some cool moves to avoid deadly traps. These include wall sliding and wall jumping which kind of works like super meat boy and it works well enough to allow you to chain these moves together in some scenarios, allowing you to move on quickly from some areas.

Detonating in 3...2...1...

Detonating in 3...2...1...

Music is also a pretty big part of this game as it controls its flow as I previously mentioned. With each beat, traps initialise and change their timings. If there is a delay in beats, most obstacles will come to a standstill which can be a blessing in some case but a curse in others when things don’t move and instead block your path. Think of it as like waiting in a line of traffic; going faster will get you there faster even if it is deadlier but slowing it down may also grind you to a halt and stop you from continuing.

Onto custom music: you can thankfully import your own custom tracks into the game to challenge yourself further in your favourite levels or to simply enjoy your music whilst playing the game. I highly recommended you do this as it will give you a greater sense of the beat based mechanics and changes things up.

If you want to challenge yourself further, you can race against another opponent in online multiplayer or in local split screen. I briefly tried the multiplayer portion out and found it to be a race to the finish against another person with the only difference from single player being that in order to win, once you reach the end you can then press a button to nuke the entire level while claiming victory. Alternatively you could watch your opponent suffer if they are finding it difficult to traverse the rest of the level, wait for them to approach the end of the level and then nuke them.

Sometimes things run trying to kill you instead of you running into things that kill you.

Sometimes things run trying to kill you instead of you running into things that kill you.

There are around 40 different levels for you to choose from, so this game will keep you entertained for a while. However I can’t help but notice that even though it is a nice addition to import music, a level editor is missing from the actual game along with any type of mod support such as Steam workshop, something I think the game could really benefit from as it would extend its longevity.

The Verdict


The game itself is fun and if anyone is looking into purchasing a game that challenges themselves, it is satisfying, but it is not really recommended for everyone as the game isn’t the easiest to play and wouldn’t give casual players a good time if they’re just looking to relax. Other than this, the game does have around 40 varied levels, again I stress that this is a good starting point, but it would benefit more from a level editor and workshop support (some games wouldn’t need it but have it anyway, well this game certainly needs it in my honest opinion).

The mechanics work and the gameplay seems to be relatively solid, the game is very difficult. the mechanics all pull together and make it work and I find this to be very important as I stress again, this is not an easy game to play in some later challenging levels that may want to make you pull your hair out.

Case Review

  • Colourful: The neon light art style of the game is very colourful in itself which is always a nice plus.
  • Mechanics: the mechanics work great as they feel reined in and along with powerups to help speed things along, they all work hand in hand and don’t fight against each other or conflict.
  • Level Variation: Plenty to choose from already with around 40 levels to race in, a very good selection from XYLA that some others wouldn’t want to bother with.
  • Difficulty: At heart it is meant to be challenging but the developers should have at least given thought to implementing some sort of difficulty based system or some casual mode to train on as well as the normal mode.
  • Music: It is indeed a very nice addition to import music and also a plus that it controls the flow of the level but sometimes it is rather a pain when things slow down too much.
  • Mod Support: Desperately needs some form of mod support to extend its lifespan; this can only be a real positive thing for the game and fans of the genre but it will be up to the developers to see if this is implemented.
Score: 3/5
An Adrenaline filled experience with great mechanics but needs more content and tools.


If, like me, you read about how Rush Bros is a fast paced, rhythm based racing platformer with an appealing, unique visual approach and (after raising your eyebrow and exclaiming “dafuuuuq?”) groaned about yet another pretentious indie mismatch of unnecessary cross genre shenanigans, then let me tell you: you are in for a surprise.

The controls are so tight and responsive it's like you're not even playing a game; it’s almost like you’re just imagining what you want to do and you’re then seeing it happen. The visuals truly are something else, with a beautifully striking, fluorescent style that made me want to watch Tron again. The music is absolutely superb. This is high praise coming from me seeing as the soundtrack is entirely techno/dance music and I like neither of these.

All in all, there isn't anything I can really fault the game for. Except, maybe, that most of the tracks don't last long enough for the audio track to finish which causes many a sad face when you're half way through one of your favourites. I mean, you could stand around and listen to it, but then the timer would be needling at your attention to remind you you're still racing for highscores here. So if that's the only criticism, what are you waiting for? Go play the game! And remember, you can drop in and out of online head to head at any time. You'll even see suggestions for people to challenge unobtrusively along the side of the screen as you continue to play (a very nice touch).

Score: 4.5/5


Do you like platformers? Do you like Super Meat Boy? If not, then you better just move on. In case you do, let me tell you about Rush Bros. First, it’s a very colourful game; bright and vibrant colours help this game stand out immediately and I would even go as far as saying that it even makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Add to this an awesome soundtrack and it will get you pumped!

Unfortunately, the standard gameplay feels slow. You just don’t get that feeling that you get from SMB where you feel as if your fingers will break and your heart will explode. Most of the time whilst playing the game I wanted to “hold shift to sprint”, which for a “fast-paced” platformer is a really bad sign.

But even with such a big shortcoming the game has a lot of redeeming features; it has different modes, multiplayer, lots of levels and the ability to play your own music. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether and how much you are a platformer fan. If you are looking for something to replace the Meat Boy that doesn’t offer any more of a challenge, then you are looking in the wrong place. If you are a casual gamer that enjoys platformers and would like to occasionally have fun with friends then this might be right up your alley.

Score: 3.5/5
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